Frequently Asked Questions

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To schedule an appointment for home heating and cooling services, call our office at (281) 332-4321 in League City, Texas today.

Call the issuing dealer on your listed agreement. The contact information is listed on the first page of the agreement. They will send a service technician to check on your system.

Yes, maintenance is required.

Like an oil change for your car, your HVAC system needs to be maintained properly to ensure its performance. An A/C and a Heat check performed by a licensed contractor are required annually.

Premium Protection Plan is a convenient and affordable extended service agreement that provides you with “Guaranteed Peace of Mind.”

Our plan provides comprehensive protection against any unexpected mechanical failures your HVAC System might have during the life of the equipment.

You have 45 days to return items for a full refund, with or without a receipt. Items must still have their original tags.

Most manufacturer’s limited warranties do not cover labor, however, with Premium Protection Plan 100% of the labor charges associated with your repairs are covered. Based on the plan you select, our agreements may even extend the manufacturer’s limited parts warranty, ensuring your equipment is fully covered for both parts and labor. All warranty service is only covered during the Issuing Dealer’s Regularly Scheduled Business Hours. After Hours and Emergency Services are NOT covered.

Failures happen even to the industry’s top equipment. With complex replacement parts and the need for expert technicians, the costs to service your equipment are higher than ever. With Premium Protection Plan you can rest assured if the unfortunate happens to you, you are covered!